Pricing of our services

You only pay us in the event of successful compensation processing!

No win, no fee.
You can receive up to 65%

You can receive up to

Free, based on the amount of compensation we win for you

The standard fee corresponds to 35% of the compensation

The fee for legal proceedings corresponds to 50% of the compensation

Claim on your own


Time-consuming and stressful

You must deal with the airline's complicated processes yourself

You have to learn the laws yourself

If the airline refuses to pay, you have lost time and have no further defense


Fair fees

We will handle the compensation for you, including all administration and communication with the airline

Specialists in passenger rights and compensation will take care of your case

Risk-free – you pay nothing if we don't win your compensation

We cover the process costs, whether you win or lose.

Use a lawyer

They will take care of the request for you

Lawyer fees and court costs

Most lawyers do not specialize in passenger rights

If you lose, you must pay fees and legal costs to the airline